Time for a change

So we are coming to the end of 2015, and I watched a story on Facebook about a man who lost 200 pounds by doing yoga everyday starting slowly and getting better everyday. I was inspired and have decided, I can no longer be this big girl, I look in the mirror and I don’t like who I see.

So it is important to start the new year with a list you want to have achieved by the end of the next year.

So this is my 10 things I want to achieve.

  1. Weigh 90kgs by Christmas 2016
  2. travel more
  3. go to church more
  4. be more involved in church
  5. go more places
  6. do more things
  7. eat meat only three days a week
  8. drink 3 litres of water everyday
  9. go to the gym more
  10. do more fun runs

I have a cold today so home resting as I want to work tomorrow so Friday  I will ring in my new year with going to the gym and work out, I truly believe how the 1st of January happens is what your year will be, so if I start active I will be active for the entire year.

So my trainer trains me every Monday so that is when I will check in with you and give you my weekly review.

thanks for following.




My journey to beauty

my name is Amie I am 132kgs and have lost sight of the great person I use to be. I use to weigh 85kgs, was a full time Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, I had a flat stomach, small bum, sculpted face, I was so happy and confident, full of life.

I want that life back, I want that girl back. How will I achieve this goal? How long will I give myself? What sacrifices will I make?

Exercise, change my eating lifestyle, rest, meditate, stretch, hydrate.

I will give myself 140 weeks – 2 yrs 9 months – 0.5 kg weight loss each and every week.

I will not eat kfc, McDonald’s, hungry jack’s burgers and chips – this is huge start for me.

I will not drink soft drink – this is a big change for me as well

I will train with a Personal Trainer once a week.

I will be accountable to you.

Good luck to me

Journal entry

chase dreamsHi everyone,

hope you have had a good 2 weeks, getting into the New Year. safe, happy, back at work, keeping busy.

Work is busy, couple more clients, sessions are filling up so book in quick otherwise you may miss out 😦

Training I am working out Monday – Friday following an exercise program for the next 12 weeks. I will post before and after at the end. Now i didn’t want to wait until Monday so I worked out last night and will work out tonight and tomorrow I will do Spin class, and Sunday I will workout and Monday/Tuesday will be my rest days as I do two group fitness classes on Tuesday and house chores.

What exercise and fitness programs are you doing?

In limbo with my house, but i am believing it will be built soon and ready by mid year.

Check out the blog on illness prevention it is focused on Winter but can be used throughout the year.

Alright be safe, take care, train well. Until next week.

In life and fitness

Amie xx

My journey

hi everyone,
I hope you are well and enjoying life. So 2015 has come and I am ready for change. Growing my hair love long hair, so no new hairstyle I love my current hair style. Losing weight yes that is a good change. More PT clients yes sounds great. My own space yes that is happening so excited. Go places yes – visiting places all over Victoria.

Making all sorts of plans and making them not just plans but things I actually did.

What are you doing for 2015? What changes are you going to make happen for you.

I love to cross stitch I am cross stitching a pattern of three frangipani’s nestled in leaves and a blue background. Do you love to cross stitch or knit, or crochet?

I love croquet. Are there any croquet clubs in Melbourne?

I love Spin classes and I am teaching Tuesday 6am at Genesis Melton. Saturday 9am Genesis Melton.

I love going to Church I go to Planetshakers City Church.

I love watching church TV – Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Dr Creflo Dollar Ministries, Benny Hinn Ministries, Life today with James and Betty Robison.

I have my website aimhighfitness.com.au – I update it weekly.

If anything of these are what you have in common with me, like my blog and message me, love to connect with you.

Long time gone, but back for more

Sorry, it has been so long, I’ve been busy with my website, Facebook and doing things without checking in. As we approach 2015, I am more proactive then ever to lose centimetres and improve my fitness.

I have completed my diary which days are cardio, which days are weights. I’ll be in my own home sooner rather than later, also I’ll be in total control of my food, no junk food in my own home.

Going to not let gym membership be wasted, but use it until home gym can be set up.

Making my wardrobe less frumpy, more feminine.

What changes are you making, what is in place to help you right now.

Check out my Facebook group aim high fitness and personal training.

Check out website aimhighfitness.com.au

I’ll keep you posted with food diary and workout diary.

Also I’ll do monthly updated pictures front/side/ back.

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year

In life and fitness


My Journey

4 weeks of doing food diary, seeing a counsellor, going to the gym. Haven’t felt the 3kg weight or the 19cm loss, but any loss is better than no loss. Watching Frozen the song Let It Go is good for me, love the message it instils, love who you are, not what you should be.
Making my lunch and snacks for work is good it is the 4 days I work crazy hours that is challenging, I think I will try and use lunch box everyday and be out of house as much as I can.

September road trip is only 8 weeks away, I’m getting excited!

My meals have been – Zucchini Slice, Pumpkin Soup, Vegetable Soup, Pumpkin Soup, Fruity Zucchini Slice, Carrot Cake, Jelly, Ice-Cream, Custard, Fruits, Beef Curry, Chicken Curry Soup, Banana Rice Pudding. I’m full, lots of food, and losing weight and centimetres.

Tune in next blog post.

Day out

Breakfast at the jolly miller in Bacchus Marsh – eggs on toast, hash brown orange juice. Bacchus Marsh is a small country town in the western suburbs of Victoria. i came here as part of my explore Victoria. My breakfast was great two eggs cooked beautifully, hash brown crispy, bread thick, not too much butter, juice cold and yummy. The shop is a decent size you can eat indoors or outdoors. They have sweet and savoury things so you easily buy your picnic needs and enjoy great food at a pretty spot, they have children’s high chairs so whole family can go out for breakfast, they have tables for 2/3/4 people, standard reasonable prices for all their food hey are located on main St., bacchus marsh across from the red building that is a Chinese restaurant. Thank you staff at jolly miller great start to my day.

I drove past my old townhouse, oh how I wish I never gave it up, I wonder if I went to the real estate, they have any of them for sale.

I see the food coach wednesday I really hope i have lost 500g – 1kg any more will be a bonus, any less a disappointment. Still making a few mistakes, but I know I am better than I have been with any other attempt.

I see the counsellor next Friday and will take my homework along for review.

Work tonight, fingers crossed when I call my boss in 7 days he will tell me I have Saturday off from now on, and I can start travelling, exploring, cooking and cleaning, spend time with boyfriend and mark laces off my map and mark things off my list of things to do.

Going to gym after work is good, Ill watch tv as I walk, last night was tv and 60 minute recumbent bike ride.

I need to drink more water, I’ve reduced the soft drink but need more water.

I watched The Matrix yesterday – what would you do or think if we are in the matrix? Would you stay, or want out?
Bye for now until next post. Zion is a place referenced many times in the bible, movie made it seem like those awake or born in zion are gods people fighting their enemy just putting it out there.

The social network – proof you don’t need college to be great – just an idea you are willing to be consumed by – thank you Mark Zuckerberg for letting Facebook consume you.

My journey thus far

I have seen a food coach twice I have lost 2.6kgs, I get my measurements and during photos taken Wednesday. Seeing a counsellor once a fortnight, it has helped me and will continue helping me, cooking, and cleaning fills my time and helps me outside of my work shifts, my AHA work is wonderful, my cleaning work is good money. Watching movies is therapeutic, I need sleep, that will be helpful

30 day squat and ab challenge

So from June first 1st- june 30 I am going to do a squat workout and an ab workout on top of my cardio and weights workouts, wiill you join the challenge?


i have lost 3 kgs, so excited only 40 to go

how much do you need to lose?


what is working for me is gym, water smaller meals, wraps not bread, chicken brest with steamed veg no potato, little changes working together

until next post bye

June first goals

Hi everyone, sorry it has been so long, going through some things and trying my best to deal. Im seeing a food coach next week, to lose the weight and never gain it back. Seeing a counsellor to deal with things. Working 7 days isnt fun, but I need the money, and cant live and save with 3 days pay, but if it gets too much I might have to give up one job and keep the other job, we shall see.

Going to gym 5 days a week for 45 minutes, this month going in doing squat and ab challenges, as well as train for 5km run for melbourne, which should be good. 


I was with someone for a long time but we arent together but i will hope and pray one day we will have love again.

Going to church and bible study and will start pole dancing classes july and go on a holiday september and again december.

i will post more frequently from now on.